Roofing Hail Damage Repairs

roof damaged by hail storm

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Roof Damage From the Elements

As the owner of a commercial or residential building, various things could cause damage to the roof of your building. Some of these include tornadoes, strong winds, fallen trees, etc. Of all these common damages that could be caused by the weather, a popular and very distressing one is hail damage. 

Roofs are built to withstand the extremes of hailstones and other weather conditions. But unfortunately, over time, these elements gradually erode the strength of roofing materials until they get damaged. This damage could happen in the form of a simple cut to shingles or something more severe, like a deep perforation on the surface of roofing materials. Whatever the case is, you must immediately contact a licensed roofing contractor to professionally assess and carry out repairs to avoid more significant issues down the road.

An initial roof hail damage might appear small, but if it is left unattended to, it could degenerate to more severe issues like wood rot or collapse of the entire roof of your building.

Do You Need Repair After a Hail Storm?

After a hail storm, instantly detecting if there has been any significant damage to your roof that will be needing the immediate attention of a roofing expert, can be tricky.

Usually, when hailstones fall, it can harm the surface of the roofing materials by loosening it and making it susceptible to future damages. It can do this without immediately leaving any visible holes. In cases like this, you won’t immediately know that you’d be needing any roof repair work unless a professional checks it out.

Listed below are some early signs that will hint at the need to talk to a roof repair expert concerning possible damages to your roof after a hail storm.

  • Dings or dents in your roofing gutters
  • Rips, tears or diagonal lines on your screen
  • Debris like small tree branches or debris from your roof within your yard
  • Dings or dents in window wraps
  • Dings or dents on your garage doors
  • Dings or dents in grills
  • Dings or dents in any of your air conditioner coils
  • Visible damages like broken windows or doors and broken sidewalk lights or window well covers
  • Holes in vinyl siding.

As stated, these are just tell-tale signs to help your untrained eyes to detect possible damage to your roof after a hail storm. In most cases, the final verdict lies in the hands of a professionally trained roof contractor. 

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