Storm Damage Roof Repair Throughout the Burleson Area

Tatum legacy will clean up the damage left by rain, wind, and hail

Storm Damage Clean Up

We provide storm damage repair services to the Burleson, TX area

There’s nothing easy about dealing with insurance companies after a storm and your roof has been damaged. You’re probably overwhelmed and confused. At Tatum Legacy, we’ll guide you through the entire process and work with your insurance adjuster to get your claim approved and take the stress off you.

We’ll inspect the damage and put a tarp over the damaged roof to protect the interior of your home while we’re working on the claim and provide you with an accurate estimate for the damage and handling your insurance claim

What to do after a storm

Storm damage isn’t always about wind damage taking away shingles or a tree limb through the room. It only takes a tiny piece of hail to cause severe damage to your roof, so it’s essential that after a hail storm, you give us a call. One of our experienced storm technicians will do a comprehensive inspection of your roof. Our trained eyes will catch damage that many roofing companies miss, which will end being a costly mistake for you.   

Your roof is designed to withstand high winds and severe rain, but if it’s damaged, or worn it will leave your roof vulnerable to storm damage. That’s why at Tatum Legacy, LLC, we use durable products from leading manufacturers to repair storm damage to your home in the Burleson, TX area.

We'll conduct a thorough roof inspection so that you can...

  • Avoid climbing onto your roof.
  • Know how much storm damage you're dealing with.
  • Meet with your insurance adjuster.
  • Deal with the damage it may have caused inside of your home.

We offer financing through Mosaic Financing if your claim doesn’t get approved by your insurance company. So you’ll be able to get the roof repaired or replaced. 

Call 817-769-0730 today to learn more about how Tatum Legacy can help repair or replace your roof.

Storms can do more than just damage your roof.

Storms can damage your roofs, but there’s one thing that they always leave behind, and that’s a mess. That’s why Tatum Legacy offers complete storm damage cleanup services to Burleson, TX property owners and homeowners in the surrounding areas. Whether it’s removing fallen trees, sealing roof leaks, repairing damaged siding, or putting your fallen fence back up. 

Since 2011 we have been committed to 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to any of our services. We understand the frustration and inconvenience that comes with storm damage and preparing a claim. We know that insurance companies will put you through hoops, and if you don’t know what they’re looking for, it will be challenging to get your claim approved. That’s why we want to handle your insurance claim. 

You can give us a call today to schedule your free storm inspection. We’re one of the best roofing companies in Burleson, TX, and surrounding areas. 

Don’t forget about our storm damage cleanup services. Call today to get started, 817-769-0730.

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